Thursday, 8 November 2012

Does Current Indian Education System sustain only MUGGERS?

Education system of INDIA gives you every thing but practical  knowledge of life. What? You think I am exaggerating? Well, prove me wrong when you know how much is the seriousness of any project which we get from our teachers, when you know all you need to do to pass exams is one whole night cramming, when you know you can not recollect what you learned a year before to teach your juniors and when you know that there is almost negligible use of the academic knowledge in the practical world.

From our childhood we are told that education will make you live life happily. True, but tell me which kind of, the one we see muggers doing all the time? Believe it or not, this way has risen above all methods of studying in INDIA. How? As we all know we have got written tests with limited syllabus in every phase of our lives, may that exam of entrance or the regular one. This is where our mugger folks get the plus point and the very soul of education is killed. We should always remember that education is the name of learning the values of life not the facts as Einstein said.

It is always said that mugging is not the true studying. Let it be but what is harm in it when your purpose is served. What I mean is that in INDIA, the system of education is such that only a mugger has what it takes to sustain. Here, we have teachers who never teach anything the way we grasp things, the syllabus which is dull indeed but can not help it, classes with no healthy interaction among teacher and students, marking strategy which is beneficial for muggers as the regeneration of notes taken in class is most likely to be awarded full marks. We feel it as our good luck if any of the above mentioned hardship is not present in any case. Don't we?

Bottom line is that success achieved by mugging may be beneficial for the muggers but with this approach they are not doing any good to the society and to the nation. This should be avoided by bringing some reforms in the current education system. What can be done? Smart classes for good interaction of teachers and students, formation of syllabus done with care for evenness and usefulness of it, initiating the true study from the primary school can be some help in the revolution of education. Saying that these are not being initiated in INDIA would be wrong. I am just saying these notions should spread in people of INDIA as well as Indian Government as fast as possible.
Ask me my three main priorities for Government,
and I tell you: education, education and education.
(not the way the muggers use to study, but the way geeks do it)

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