Friday, 2 November 2012

Cricket is a religion in INDIA, why not others?

Cricket, a game which the English invented, finds its rough existence from 16th century. A game which was played by them for dignity and royalty. This exclusiveness drove the game throughout the world during the British colonial era. Cricket, being a game played by the high class British colonialists and officers, was like a fantasy for the local people of the British colonies. And the case of INDIA was not special. From the time of British rule till now, cricket is a fashion in INDIA.

INDIA is a land of variety whatever may be the context. Talking of sports, people do have a large variety of liking in this context also but the density of cricket lovers is too much in our nation. Reason may be anything but its popularity has, for sure, eclipsed the value and recognition of other sports. How?  Cricket is the only sport which has make us gain a remarkable status internationally as INDIA was the first nation to receive the opportunity to host "WORLD CUP" in 1987 outside ENGLAND by the tremendous victory of this world championship by Indian cricket team in 1983.

Hockey may had get us 8 gold medals and for that it is our "National Game" in 1950s, when Major Dhyan Chand was a hero for India. But, things changed with continuous bad performance in the pages of Indian hockey's history. People started disliking it and moved towards cricket as an alternative sport. Another globally played sport, football is free from any triumph gained by India. 

Moreover, cricket is an opportunity to earn money. It has been seen that popularity of cricket in lower class and village people is very much for they see it as a turning for their life. Not only that it gives chance to earn money through bating but betting also. What more? Government is also benefited through this game as such events turnover is of very huge amount. 

Sports are watched as stress busters in India, so, any sport where the team we support loses every time is in absolute oxymoron to what we want. And Indian cricket has very bright records of achievements[hall of fame] yet not ceased to add more in it. We envy cricket players like Sachin Tendulkar and Kapil Dev. Why not players of other sports like Dhyan Chand, Mahesh Bhupati, Saina Nehewal and Vishwanathan Anand? We don't even enjoy an achievement in any sport apart from one achieved in cricket. Alongside, no recognition and appreciation for other sports by our Government is a big challenge for such sports. So title goes perfectly true that "Cricket is a religion in INDIA". 

Some people have an extreme love for cricket that they remember each and every classic event of cricket history. People have database of incomparable amount. People follow cricketers as if they would leave them with no privacy. Such die hard fans of cricket are, in my point of view, following this religion.

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