Thursday, 8 November 2012


"SLANG-O-MANIAC", well, not a word really but take care of it just for a minute and find where do you stand on it. Its totally on what answer you have for the question raised above. Slang is a word that many of us usually associate with poor grammar and questionable diction. Thus, slang is nothing like a nasty bee for some, whereas, a pain in the neck for others. To be true, I am totally fine with the slang also I love rap songs. Let it be the fact that slang is an attempt to insult any linguistic or dramatic decline in the writing abilities. Slang is all about the intimacy, insanity and informality which you want among your best buddies. Don't you? Cause they are those with whom you get freedom to express.

Slang is good among the people of same generation more specifically among social circle. So, always watch where you are using them because you are not supposed to spoil the society by uttering whatever your tongue balances or say being a "SLANG-O-MANIAC" doesn't mean being a real maniac. It is like disobedience to the elders when some younger uses slang among them. Also it's shameful to be used by them in the vicinity of someone younger. This is a courtesy which must be carried forever as it decides boundary or gap of a senior and a junior.

Slang always suffers censorship in reaching children. On the contrary, it has hardly ever not delighted them. This is a deal done to raise new generation free of slang but failed every time. Slang is something sown so deep that it hardly is out of dictionary of an urban man. So, it is useless to go beyond it. Its good if you do not practice slang language cause slang is itself sort of a taboo. But one who do are not to be considered as convict as it is only with slang we are keeping it all through freedom to express like our constitution says.

Now, lets have some serious lookout over this question of concern. Can it be avoided ever? Is it the new fashion of linguistic with new trends? See, we cannot ignore slang, as much as we cannot ignore how we perceive slang. The acceptability of a sentence depends on certain set of standards regarding vocabulary or a comprehensive phrase used in that sentence. May be slang is not considered standard but what's wrong if we shorten our conversation if it is convenient as we all know the slang terms are popularized on social networking or other chatting means among our social circles. Now-a-days, these are taught in academies as a part of language. So, things do not appear to change in near future. And what do I care for more, I am on the dark side if you say using slang is bad. End of story.

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