Thursday, 11 September 2014

Which mouse do you want to be?

Although hard work is the key to success but it is not the only key to success. It may sound pessimistic to some and opportunistic to the other. But, to a great extent, I am convinced that it is realistic. In this Darwinian world of ours, each individual has a unique meaning of success if one has it at all. Now, that meaning of success may or may not require hard work in itself. Even when the success demands hard work, it is not the only way to get it. Thanks to the world for being full of corrupt people along with human nature for easily getting lured to it. Putting the story of two mice falling into the bucket of milk into the perspective where one mouse simply gave up the hope to survive while the other one churned it so hard that it made curd out of it, one would say that the second mouse was hard working so it succeed and will respect that, or will he?

The real world, on the other hand, has a significant number of a third kind of  mouse which waits for the hard working mouse to turn the milk into the curd while sitting on its back and eventually jumps out of the bucket thrusting it deeper into the curd. So, the question which arises now is "Which mouse do you want to be?"

Talking about the queue systems, for instance, "First come, First served", this is supposed to be the rule but in reality, watching a long queue, either people walk away or take their chances if they make it in time or some consider themselves to be so special that they do not shy in breaking the line. In fact, they take it to be as the usual procedure and do not find it wrong. Some people go one step further in justifying their action of breaking the line believing it to be their birth right. As they say that breaking of a line requires an art that they only are privileged with. So anyone who can "break a line" must have the liberty of not following what underprivileged people do.

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