Saturday, 27 October 2012

A Utopian society is mere a distant dream in today's political scenario.

Our needs are not few, our desires are not limited and we want Utopia!

Utopia! A place where everything is perfect in superlative degree of comparison. A land of no war, no greed, few needs and less desires. Sound fascinating all these, aren't they? Just the way a priest would tell you of heaven. But, ask yourself, do they really exist? Ironical thing is that Utopia is a Greek word compound of the syllable ou-, meaning "no" and topos, meaning "place". It was first used by Sir Thomas More for his book Utopia. But the homo-phonic prefix eu-, meaning "good" also resonates in the word, with the implication that the perfectly "good place" is really "no place".[Wikipedia]

It is, no doubt, a delightful thing to talk about perfection; but the errors and absurdities are more amusing to ponder. So, talking of the real world, it can be said an epitome of distopia(anti-utopia) by all means. Why? Racism, capitalism, anti-feminism, terrorism, casteism, pollution, corruption and bad politics are the most serious issues that are rooted in the world so deep that their endings are impossible to see. We will not be able to breathe the air the second we come to know all the evils of this world. Can we still say we've hope? Well, we are all in gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.[Oscar wilde]

We have to ensure everyone's happiness for an Utopian society. But, everyone is ensuring his/her happiness on the cost of others'. The thing which has to play part to ensure equality to everyone is politics but the thing which it is doing is entirely different or contrasting as the rulers of politics get power in their hands and use them in every evil way possible. There is nothing bad in politics if its actions not harm anyone rather it is best way to achieve development if followed with norms and constitution which is a scheme of dream. We have democracy as the best form of governance. But, to our sorrow, it is based on the choice of majority not everyone. A person can understand everything but not people who don't understand them. Not to forget "It's not voting that's democracy, it's the counting".

We all have slipped our characters in the hands of cheat and betrayal for the fulfillment of our needs that, somehow, develop greed in us. It is us who are responsible for all the issues mentioned above as for now, we don't even see them as problems, we have accepted them as universal truths. If asked to a lot of rich and prosperous people whether they want a Utopian society, it should not be an astonishing answer to hear a NO as that will bring them to the common man's status without any privilege. Summing up all the discussion until yet it can be said that it is mere a distant dream to have a Utopian society in today's political scenario.

If you want to stop evil, stop participating it.

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