Thursday, 23 April 2015

Its not a big deal

A farmer committed suicide yesterday. Should we be bothered by this news? Because, that's like a regular affair in times such as the crop failure due to unexpected rain, right! Oh wait, was that just one farmer? Is his family still alive? Clearly, it's no big deal. The government will take care of the family now and the poor farmer will have his way after all. This is the line of reasoning that we use to look away from the circumstances as grave as this one. What else can we do? If we start to pay heed to every mishap that occurs out there, we will end up achieving nothing. Neither will there be any change in the occurrence of things nor will we be able to get what we decide to get in our short-sighted lives. This is where the grief of some tender-hearted people ends. But again, let's talk a little bit more about  this suicide, as this suicide is not an ordinary one, as the incidence did not take place in his own village, as there wasn't the solitude that you would expect during a successful suicide. Rather, it happened in the very city of the Kings who ruled his life, in the middle of one of the knight's cavalcade, where all could have been avoided just by a raised voice with true intention of saving him. But that didn't happen. So, what are we going to do? We will start blaming someone and then we will trust our judicial system to deliver justice to our poor farmers and look into the matter so that it doesn't repeat. But we know the world better than that now, don't we? How can we even think of a concept such as justice to a poor farmer when his life couldn't be saved even in the presence of  not only the mob, the cops too, liberal leaders for that matter. One of the things of which I am sure will happen is putting the blame on someone by the people, in fact, it is happening in your own head as you are reading this article. It is like a moral responsibility that we bear when something bad happens, like our own little judgment. Usually, it's either the media or the politicians. Forget the media and the politicians for a while, otherwise this will turn up into exactly what it should not be. Just ask yourself where do you stand as a human being in the process of making a difference, making the world a better place for you can do much more than just putting the blame on someone. 

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