Friday, 12 September 2014

Being "YOU"!

Taking a task in hand and completing it in the prescribed time with all your strength should be all what is required for achievement of a goal only when it is not at all extraordinary. There are a lot more ingredients in the recipe of success. Planning, management, finding out your shortcomings and working towards improving them are more important than doing exactly what you want to do. These are the reasons why some people can't do what they want  to do even by putting the due effort required  while the others can once they completely focus their attention towards it. In a nutshell, for achievement of a goal, one has to focus on it. Just like stacking the bricks into the shape of a house is not the same as making a house, proper cementing technique has to be employed. 

It all sums up into two choices you could be like someone or you could be like no on. Unsurprisingly, the former choice is the common one and eventually brings up a large number of people into competition thus making the whole process monotonous, uninteresting and ordinary yet the challenges are still the same. Then, there is the second option which is not a choice per se. Either it is inherent or one is just lucky enough to become one. Being creative and curious is  a lot of help but even more helpful is the rejection of the social norms and finding out inconvenience in what one has.

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